4.5. Play to Earn

The iGaming metaverse is first and foremost a gaming metaverse and the core of the entire metaverse economy is the Play to Earn. We earn while we play.

LM achieves the Play to Earn from the following aspects:

· 20% of the total LMT, which equals a total of 20 million tokens will be used for the liquidity incentives scheme. The release time of LMT in the Play to Earn is related to the total gross billing in betting of the LM platform. 20 million tokens will be issued out every day until they run out.

The above data will be updated and displayed on the client-side instantaneously. Users can calculate their daily LMT rewards by checking their daily individual gross billing in betting and the rate of handling fee.

· After the voting of DAO, the smart contracts group of the LMT's PTE (Play to Earn) can add on the supported games to incentivize the customers to wager in these games.

· Only the bets that interacted with the dealer is recorded. Games that interacted with other players are not counted to prevent the players help each other to cheat on the wager amount.

· The amount of daily reward of every customer is determined by the proportion of the total individual bets of the day. Reward can be claimed once a day.

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