1. LuckyMeta Introduction

Decentralized Finance (DEFI) exploded onto the world stage in 2020 and following directly after was the Metaverse in 2021. The emergence of these ground-breaking innovations has now become some of the most important developments in blockchain industry history.

However, as the largest application industry on the internet, the iGaming industry has yet to see the emergence of its first DeFi application. There are already various concepts of the metaverse being developed for video games, land trading, and much more. But the iGaming industry is still absent from this area of the WEB3 space.

Is there no place for the iGaming industry in this next generation of the Internet? We believe there is, and that is why we would like to be the first to propose the concept of a unique metaverse exclusively for the iGaming industry.

The concept of iGaming has gone through many iterations over the years. Initially, as a grey industry, it was restricted by many countries and regions, and the gambling metaverse will completely bring the iGaming industry into the next generation of trusted Internet. We will see a virtual casino metaverse that is transparent and uncensored.

There is an old saying in the iGaming world: "The House always wins." Casinos are highly profitable for a reason, and the “Kelly Criterion” formula always ensures their win rate. Through the innovative application of blockchain technology, LuckyMeta is proud to be a pioneer and reverse that situation. Our vision is to that everyone can be entertained, prosper, and enjoy the spoils of victory. (Hereinafter, LuckyMeta will be referred to as “LM”).

LuckyMeta is an iGaming metaverse. It is a decentralized gaming platform based on a dual-token model. These two tokens are named LuckyMeta Gold (LMG), and LuckyMeta Token (LMT). LMG is a Gaming Token, which means that any player can experience the thrill of decentralized iGaming in LM for free (besides gas fees). LMT is a platform equity token that ensures community members jointly own and share the success brought by LM.

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