4.1. Token Distribution

LMT Token Distribution

LMT is the governance and equity token of the platform, with a total of 100 million tokens. in:

  • 5% will be used for Initial liquidity

  • 5% will be used for the game jackpot

  • 5% will be used for pre-marketing activities

  • 10% will be used for early investors, and half of the USDT and ETH obtained from the financing will go into the DAO LMT vault

  • 20% is used to reward NFT staking mining

  • 20% will be used for Play to Earn

  • 15% to subsidize SubDAO and third-party developers

  • 10% will be used for LP liquidity mining rewards

  • 10% held by Eco Foundation

The portion used for Play to Earn, liquidity mining, and rewarding NFT holders will be distributed within 3 years;

The portion of private placements and early investors will be released on average over 12 months.

The pre-market operation part will be released on average in 36 months;

The ecological foundation and qualification funds are supervised by DAO, and the demonstration will be completed within 3 years, and the maximum monthly release amount will not exceed 0.5%.

Like LMG, LuckyMeta accepts LMT for betting.

Ordinary players can obtain LMT from the following channels:

·● User Play to Earn rewards

·● Income from NFT pledge mining

·● Guard the dividend income of NFT

·● Earnings from participating in LP pledge mining

· ● After becoming an LM member, the member will receive dividends

·● Exchange traded

LMG Token Distribution

LMG is a game token that can be obtained for free, with an issuance limit of 10 billion. The initial allocation is as follows:

  • 5% will be used for liquidity.

  • 30% will be used for free daily distribution of rewards, which will be deposited into the DAO LMG treasury, and the agreement will control the price.

  • 20% will be used for selling directly by the DAO LMG vault IDO agreement.

  • 20% will be used to establish a chip stable coin ecosystem.

  • 20% will be used for LP liquidity staking mining.

  • 5% will be used for game pool

Through this distribution plan, the project team does not keep any LMG free chips, the chips are completely delivered to the community, and the value is controlled by the DAO protocol.

Ordinary players can obtain LMG from the following channels:

·● Users log in every day to get free lottery through the carousel

·● Users will get a free random lottery by signing in every day

· ● Free rewards when users level up

·● Get it for free when the timed chest is opened

·● Users will get free

LMG Minting & additional issuance

After 20% of the total LMG vault IDO has been sold, players can no longer buy chips from the official. LMG will start a new protocol to mint coins to destroy the platform token LMT and mint and issue additional LMG to meet market demand. The specific minting rules are as follows:

  • The amount of LMG in the vault IDO is less than the amount of LMG that the player needs to buy and start minting.

  • The minting amount is the amount of LMG that the player needs to purchase.

  • The minting protocol will buy LMT from the market and destroy these LMT, and at the same time generate new LMG and send it to the buyers.

LMT destruction

During the operation of the project, the community and DAO can decide how and how much LMT will be destroyed.

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